scientific committee


The DARC Direzione generale per l'architettura e l'arte contemporanee (General Direction
for Contemporary Architecture and Art) and the MAXXI National museum of the XXI century arts
are the promoters of the first edition of the Premio Fotografico atlante italianorischio paesaggio.

The objectives of the prize are the promotion of contemporary photography in Italy
and the exploitation of the most promising experiences, which are summoned to place Italian landscapes under observation, through the photographic instrument, at the purpose of grasping their multiple components and internal relations and of identifying the evident risks of compromise deriving from the processes of economic and territorial development and from new social lifestyles.

The Prize - in line with the “European Landscape Convention” - is focussed on outlining a portrait
of the Italian landscape which will disclose the risks and possible damages, but also the excellencies and values and will subsequently delineate the perception that citizens have of the quality of the environment in which they live, at the purpose of improving it.

The participants will have to address five topics which synopsize the critical states emerging from
the current situation of Italian landscape: Landscapes of the real estate market; Illegal landscapes; Landscapes of neglect; Landscapes of tourist consumption; Landscapes of excellence.